Leading Decision-Making Meetings

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Do you want to lead meetings where decisions are made, actions are taken, and results are evident? Do you want to be known as an effective, respectful meeting convenor?

Leading Decision-Making Meetings takes you through every stage of running a meeting, from preparation to follow-through. You’ll learn how little details make a big difference in productivity and workplace relationships. You’ll gain knowledge and skills useful at any stage of your career. If you attend and assist in meetings, but don’t (yet!) lead meetings, the course offers guidance on being a  supportive participant.

Leading Decision-Making Meetings is a companion to Managing Conflict in Decision-Making Meetings. Each course stands on its own, but taking Leading before Managing Conflict offers a potent synergistic effect.

The course includes:

  • A realistic scenario that you engage to learn and practice meeting-leading skills
  • A worksheet to assess meeting-leading skills and plan skill development
  • A tip sheet for meeting leaders and participants
  • Recommended readings

Learning Outcomes

When you complete the course you will be able to lead a decision-making meeting through each of its stages. You’ll be able to:

  • Prepare for a meeting

  • Kickoff a meeting

  • Make necessary decisions during a meeting

  • Wrap up a meeting 

  • Follow through on meeting action items


Any medical librarian or other health information professional and anyone else who arranges, leads, or attends meetings in which decisions, large or small, are made.


MLA CE Credits 1.5


Subject Matter Expert 

Pat Wagner (Pat@patternresearch.com) is our expert on leading decision-making meetings. This course is the result of her over 40 years of experience as a library trainer, educator, and consultant. Pat focuses on skills that support productivity, workplace relationships, and career advancement, from personnel issues to strategic planning to professional development. She has presented at many annual MLA meetings and for most of the chapters in the United States. She draws from a dozen academic disciplines and decades of hands-on experience. Clients like her practical and good-humored approach. 

The team that created Leading Decision-Making Meetings:

Pat Wagner, Subject Matter Expert

Devlin Peck (devlin@elearningex.com), Instructional Designer

Lisa Traditi, MLA Leadership & Management Curriculum Committee Representative

Staff support:

Barry Grant, MLA Director, Education

Deb Cavanaugh, MLA Director, Professional Development


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