Available Until 7/23/2025

Easy Steps to Building a Team-Based Systematic Review Service*

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Ongoing development and planning is necessary to build a sustainable team-based systematic review service that is equipped and ready to handle more systematic review related requests.  There is an increased demand in educational services related to systematic reviews.  More often, researchers are seeking the support of the library since they provide comprehensive literature search skills.  Researchers may not know where to begin when approaching a new review project and the development of clear learning outcomes for researchers can enhance the education and instructional services that librarians offer.  This comprehensive model or toolkit for librarians is designed for librarians who are looking to build a team-based systematic review service or are looking for ways to enhance the services they already offer.  The overall objectives of this course is to provide an easy pathway for librarians to create a team-based systematic review service.  This interactive course will consist of hands-on learning activities and will give you the tools to be successful and perhaps the confidence needed to lead a systematic review team! 

This course is an approved elective for Level II of the Systematic Review Services Specialization, which launches in 2023.

Learning Objectives:

  • The learner will be able to understand & implement the new team-based systematic review service model.
  • The learner will be able to ask guiding questions using an intake form for systematic review reference requests.
  • The learner will be able to remix all course materials to provide in-house systematic review training at their library or institution.
  • The learner will be able to remix all forms and materials provided in the systematic review service model for their library or institution.


10 minutes: Course welcome and Poll Question

10 minutes: Barriers & Challenges to Providing a Systematic Review Service 

10 minutes: Introduction to the new service model & tailoring the model to your needs

20 minutes: Description of Library Classes and Learning Outcomes to Support Educational Services

10 minutes: Review the Intake & Protocol Form

20 minutes: Breakout Room Exercise (paired): Practice using the intake form w/ reference scenarios

10 minutes: Share about intake form exercise/systematic review reference interview

10 minutes: Virtual roundtable questions to discuss 

10 minutes: Q&A/Poll Question

10 minutes: Closing Remarks & instructions for claiming CE credits

MLA CE Credit: 2