Available Until 5/31/2024

Data Analytics Research Training Fellowship (DART) Course

For more information on this course, please contact Peace Ossom-Williamson at peace@uta.edu.

The DART Course is an online self-paced development program, providing a pathway for information professionals to acquire data literacy skills using common methodologies applied toward public health efforts. The DART Course consists of modules to introduce the concepts of research using public health data. Participants are able to situate what they've learned in a provided (or their own) research project they can present, publish, or otherwise disseminate.

Course URL: https://libraries.uta.edu/research/scholcomm/data/dart

This course is an approved elective for the Level I Data Services Specialization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Locate federal, state, and local data sources on a particular public health topic
  • Distinguish between common public health research methods
  • Clean and restructure a dataset for a chosen analysis/visualization tool
  •  Analyze data using descriptive statistics and common data manipulation techniques
  • Present reproducible findings using best practices in documentation, visualization, and reporting


  1. About Data Librarianship
  2. Data Hygiene
  3. Quantitative Methods in Public Health – has two parts

• Part I: primary research

• Part II: secondary research

  1. Compiling and Visualizing Findings
  2. Data Curation and Repositories

MLA CE Credits: 20