Available Until 6/12/2024

R Community of Practice - Pilot*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Christine Nieman at cnieman@hshsl.umaryland.edu . 

You attended Library Carpentry – Now what?

Go beyond the basics and learn important practical skills for working with data in R! This community of pRactice will feature live demonstrations and time to practice programming concepts. Participants are encouraged and will have time to work on their own data projects and get feedback in a supportive, collaborative learning environment.

Over 6 live sessions, we will cover topics such as data transformation, visualization, and communication using tidyr, lubridate, ggplot2, and RMarkdown/Quarto packages. We will focus on accomplishing common tasks for working with real world data that participants can apply to their own data.

Resource URLhttps://www.nnlm.gov/training/class/r-community-practice-group

This webinar is approved for the “under construction” Level II of the Data Services Specialization. A Level I Data Services Specialization Certification is currently available.

Learning Objectives

  1. Practice new programming skills with real world data
  2. Apply programming techniques to work with and visualize data
  3. Develop the confidence and skills needed to independently solve programming problems


Weekly topics subject to change:

  1. Reading multiple files
  2. Working with dates
  3. Creating a bar chart with ggplot2
  4. Transforming data from wide to long
  5. Accessing NCBI data with the rentrez package
  6. Communicating with Quarto

MLA CE Credits: 4