Available Until 6/19/2024

Treasures of the All of Us Research Data*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Lisa Connor at lconnor@shsu.edu . 

The All of Us Research program goal is to include data from one million or more participants reflecting the diversity of the United States, by including those typically underrepresented in biomedical research and making the data broadly accessible for research purposes including information from EHR's, survey responses, physical measurements, biosamples, wearables data, and genomic data.

In support of these goals, the Interdisciplinary Guided Network for Investigation, Translation and Equity (IGNITE) was funded by NIH to increase engagement of use of the All of Us Research Program Researcher Workbench. An IGNITE model for engagement using the publicly available data browser for the All of Us Research Program (https://databrowser.researchallofus.org/) will help participants to interactively engage in and learn about the types of data available to researchers. Participants will pair or form small groups to search the browser for data from predefined questions. The entire class will review the answers found and the approach taken to answer. Incentives of small tokens will be given to encourage responsiveness.

This is an elective for the Level II of the Data Services Specialization.

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Learning Objectives

Participants will learn about or increase their knowledge of the All of Us data set and its role in decolonizing biomedical research.

Participants will gain tools to engage researchers in using the All of Us data at various tiers.

Participants will be able to distinguish publicly available data and requirements for institutional agreements to enable individual researchers to access controlled and protected health information from the Researcher Workbench.


10 Minutes Introductions

10 Minutes Audience Feedback Survey Before the Sandbox - Assess participant knowledge prior to the course

30 Minutes Introduction to All of Us Research Program

50 Minutes Data Treasure Hunt - Search for data types based on question prompts.

10 Minutes Audience Feedback Survey After the Sandbox - Assess participant knowledge post course instruction

10 Minutes Wrap-up and thank you

MLA CE Credits: 2