Available Until 6/19/2024

Creating NIH Data Management and Sharing Plans with DMPTool*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Elizabeth Roth at rothel@musc.edu . 

The NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy (NIH DMSP) that went into effect in January 2023 requires funded researchers to submit a plan outlining how scientific data from their research will be managed and shared. This session will highlight existing tools and resources to support researchers with their data management needs. Explore the DMPTool, a free tool, that walks users through creating comprehensive data management plans that comply with the new NIH requirements. This session will also cover the basics of data management planning, NIH and NLM data management resources, and give an overview of the scope of the NIH DSMP.

Resource URLhttps://www.nnlm.gov/training/class/creating-data-management-plans-dmptool 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of data management and sharing to improve research practices
  • Describe the components of a data management plan
  • Navigate the DMPTool website to create a profile, explore templates, and find help guides.
  • Create a “test” data management plan based on the NIH DMSP using the DMPTool


Introduction to data management (10 min)

NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy scope (10 min)

Parts of a data management plan (DMP) (15 min)

Institutional and outreach considerations with break out room discussion (15 min)

Tools and resources (10 min)

Demo of DMPTool (10 min)

Hands on creation of a test DMP in DMPTool (30 min)

Share out and Q&A (20)


MLA CE Credits: 2