Available Until 7/5/2024

The Computers Work for Us, We Don’t Work for the Computers*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Erin Ware at erin.ware@lsuhs.edu . 

Artificial Intelligence has been a much-discussed topic lately, especially since the introduction of Chat GPT. This class will answer the question: How can we use AI to enhance our work? We will discuss what AI is, how it works, what we as librarians can use it for, and see why it isn’t going to take our jobs (…yet).

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This course is an approved elective for Level I of the Systematic Review Services Specialization.

Learning Objectives

Learners will increase their knowledge of what AI is and how it can be used by health sciences librarians. They will learn and apply different strategies for obtaining exhaustive PubMed searches from Chat GPT. They will spot and correct problems in responses given by Chat GPT. After the class, they will be able to complete searches more quickly and accurately by using Artificial Intelligence to enhance their own skills.


1. Icebreaker: 5 minutes

2. Presentation: 25minutes

3.Activity- choose topic and write exhaustive PubMed search: 25 minutes

4. Demonstration- How to word your requests to Chat GPT to get the results you want: 10 minutes

5. Activity- Try different strategies to obtain an exhaustive search on the same topic from Chat GPT: 20 minutes

6. Activity: Test, analyze, and compare the human-written and AI-written searches. Find any errors in the AI searches, such as fictitious MeSH terms. If necessary, rewrite search using strategies from AI search that improve it.: 25 minutes

7. Wrap Up- Discussion: 10 minutes

MLA CE Credits: 2