Available Until 8/7/2024

The Rapid Growth of Preprints: New Opportunities to Help Researchers Accelerate Science*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Stephen Gabrielson, MSLIS, at sgabrielson@pitt.edu . 

In this class, participants will get an overview of what preprints are and the common myths associated with preprinting. Participants will learn how preprints benefit authors and accelerate science, and learn about how posting a preprint works. This class will also provide ideas for developing library outreach programs to help researchers adopt preprints into their publication workflows.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define what a preprint is and describe the benefits of posting a preprint.
  • Explain the factors that influence which preprint server to select.
  • Summarize the different preprint publishing models.


Introduction (3 minutes)

Poll question: how familiar are you with preprints? (2 minutes)

What are preprints? Definition and history of preprinting. (5 minutes)

Benefits of posting preprints (10 minutes)

Preprint peer review and case study (10 minutes)

Group discussion: do you have any concerns about preprints? (5 minutes)

Addressing preprint myths (10 minutes)

Funder and journal policies (10 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Preprint publishing models (10 minutes)

How to choose a preprint server (10 minutes)

How to find preprints (5 minutes)

Q&A (5 minutes)

MLA CE Credits: 1.5