Available Until 12/4/2024

MDMLG Winter Program on Graphic Medicine*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Matthew Noe, MSLS, at matthew_noe@hms.harvard.edu  

Engaging Patients and Providers with Graphic Medicine in Your Library

Graphic medicine refers to the intersection of the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. In this session, we explore how to help providers and patients alike access, read, and create graphic medicine through the library. Participants will hear from both a librarian and a cartoonist, providing insight into both the uses and implementations of comics into health sciences librarianship, as well as the creation of comics.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and describe graphic medicine
  • Identify opportunities for incorporating comics into your library
  • Locate additional resources and community partners within the graphic medicine community


0:00 - 0:04 Introductions

0:05 - 0:40 Presentations from instructors

0:41 - 1:00 Moderated Interview and Q&A with a comics journalist

MLA CE Credits: 1.0