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IHA's 23rd Annual Health Literacy Conference*

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Tackling the Dis-Ease of Communication: Busting barriers for easier access
It’s 2024, and we face a profoundly dangerous issue in science, public health, medicine, and social services: Dis-ease, or all the challenges and barriers to simple, effective communication.

Where we hoped for continued progress in the safety, well-being, and health of our people and communities, we have been increasingly faced with distrust, misinformation, retreat, and increased disparities.

Health Science, public health, medicine, and social services have become political issues.

Literacy work has revealed that to advance health and well-being and to reduce disparities, we must improve our ability to communicate.

That’s what this conference is about — identifying the things that get in our way; the unnecessary barriers preventing access to information, care, and services; the very practices that prevent exchange, dialogue, and easy communication. We ask you to participate in an analysis of and discussion around this current “dis-ease”.

Our conference will have a distinct focus each day to remove barriers and ease communication:

  • Tuesday, May 14th - Health Literacy for Professionals: Equipping you with the tools and skills you need.
  • Wednesday, May 15th - Personal Health Literacy: Improving public access to information, services, and care.
  • Thursday, May 16th - Organizational Health Literacy: Reconstructing institutional environments to remove barriers.

Don’t let dis-ease compromise communications. Bust barriers, and ease access.

Find out how.

Join us virtually at the 23rd IHA Health Literacy Conference, May 14 -16, 2024.

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